Ready Made Record is your one-stop shop musical instrument store in Arizona. It was founded by the Walter Reed to answer the demand of the amateur rising stars during the 80’s.


Coming from a well-off music inclined family is one of the motivation that pushed him to help others (his mother was a professional opera singer, while his older brother and sister are part of the same troupe that play musical shows on stage). He believed that talents should not be hampered by the absence of resources to buy highly expensive musical instruments. As such, the products sold in his store are relatively cheaper without compromising the quality.

Ready Made Record started small. At first, it was just a reliable supplier of high quality music instruments without the expensive price. Later on, it evolved into creating its own instruments that are greatly patronized by the public and designing them. The products they sell here also expanded to make way for the growing demand.

Ready Made Record became partners with big names in the music industry. It became well-known and popular that even big stars have been going out of their way to request some coveted instruments from this store.

Over the years, our products also took a more modern tune. Although we still sell wind, percussion, electronic, and string instruments, we also started selling high-quality speakers and amplifiers that help improve the music you create. This also improved our market as we stole the interest of many production companies.

Since this company was first created for the benefit of the greater good until now we are still proactive in supporting foundations that cater to such. You’ll see that we conduct activities that aim to generate funds for foundations that support to those musically inclined individuals who cannot afford a formal education on music. We also give scholarships to those who deserve it.

Find out more about Ready Made Record by exploring this site.

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