Welcome to Ready Made Record!

We are your ultimate musical instrument store in the whole United States! If you are still in doubt about the quality of products we provide, you can come anytime at our store in Phoenix, AZ so we can give you a tour. We promise you that all of the products here are made of experts and are tested by professional musicians for quality assurance purposes.

Ready Made Record has been selling high-quality musical instruments since 1985. We are the sellers of some of the instruments being used by iconic stars today. From strings to percussions, and wind instruments, up to electronic ones that are popular these days, we are the supplier to get it from. You can choose from our stocks that comes under many different popular brands.

What makes us a well-known store is that every once in a while, we put together an auction here that gives the public and music enthusiasts a chance to own some of the used concert instruments of their favorite music stars. Some of the generated profits from this activity are donated to the local center as an addition to their funding for talented youth. Rest assured that all of these are given with certificate attesting its value.

Ready Made Record also personalized any musical instrument you buy from us. You can request us to have your initials or even name engraved on it. You can also request a unique design for the guitars you are going to buy from us. Both amateur and professionals have been commissioning our service for this handwork. The result is outstanding. As such, we have been receiving an increase in demand for this. Check out the finished product we uploaded here on our site for your reference.

No worries, we take full responsibility for your instruments. No one better than us recognizes the importance of every instrument to their owners. It is irreplaceable. So take our word that we’ll take good care of it.

What more is that there are many customer representatives in our store to help you with what you need. They are well-versed on the difference of one musical instrument from another so you can discuss your preferences with them.

So what’s new with Ready Made Record?

Ready Made Record has recently built a testing room out of their garage that is well protected by a glass garage door in Chandler. You know how hot it can be sometimes in Arizona so we ensured that any customer will be comfortable by such protection all the time. If any case you need your own garage door repair or service, Chandler A1 Garage Door Services has you covered. We only want you to be at ease as you thoroughly test the instruments you are going to buy from us. We can assemble here even the drum set for you to test. Be our guests as you perform and treat this room you mini-concert ground. You’ll never get lost when it comes to assembling because our in-house technicians are always ready to help.

What are you waiting for? If you are looking for a high-quality musical instrument for you then head to Arizona now and check out Ready Made Record!

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