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You can now get Brendan Benson's new album "You Were Right"! For a limited time you can get it on iTunes for only $7.99! Get it HERE.


Leah Mason on Daytrotter
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Folk Weekly Talks Trouble
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Billboard Talks With Brendan About Readymade Records
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Brendan worked with London's Leah Mason for

"There was something about the energy from the early takes, it felt good from the get-go so we didn’t really want to change or re-record anything. And I think that excitement comes through when you’re listening to the track.” --Leah Mason

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Hear Some of Brendan Benson's Favorite Songs
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RT @_BrendanBenson: Brendan is really digging his @MarshallHP Monitor headphones from #SXSW! The sound is killer! Check em out |http://t.co
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